The Noravank Sports Club was founded on an idea based on experience, and informed by the commitment of the Founding family members to the social and economic development of Armenia, particularly the regions where the need is greatest.

The Club’s Founders, Simon & Linda Balian enjoyed seeing their youngest son, Garo, become a significant player in his High School, winning consecutive championships of their league. Moreover, Garo was the only one of their four children who had shown serious interest in sports and commitment to play. After graduating from university, Garo continued both coaching youth teams and playing football, including a brief professional career. That experience led the entire family to the decision that the Balian family’s long-standing active commitment to Armenia can be extended into the sporting arena as well. From that, Simon & Linda Balian and Garo co-founded the Club with the full support of the entire family.

The Club was established in the Vayots Dzor province because it is one of the regions that is still struggling economically and there are no organized team sports activities in the province. The Balian family also has long-standing relationships in the province because they have supported and implemented many projects in the province since Armenia’s independence.

The Club will initially focus on football but eventually plans to expand to other team sports as well, both recreational and professional. The Club’s progress was significantly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it is on track to start its operation and programs for the 2020-2021 football season.

The Club has been working closely and enjoying the support of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) as well as the local authorities in the towns and villages of the Vayots Dzor Region.


The project is organized around developing both competitive and recreational team sports. As part of the project, the Club will make significant investment in completely renovating and upgrading at least two regulation size football stadiums as well as smaller ones and other sporting facilities in the region.

The club will establish a youth Academy for both boys and girls that will be open, inclusive, and provided as a free community service. The Academy will provide professional and modern training to the boys and girls and give them both the opportunity to enjoy the game as well as develop their skills. The talented Academy players will be selected for elite competitive teams to participate in national tournaments and to develop their skills and personalities for professional careers.

The Club will field a professional team to play in the Armenian Football’s First League, with the objective of moving up to the Premiere League after two seasons of experience.

We will introduce both a modern training methodology focusing on the entire person, preparing them mentally, psychologically and physically. All participants will adhere to the values of respect, fair play, team spirit and community service.

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