The Academy will form the foundation of the Club and its future success. The Academy will open an opportunity for all the boys and girls in the region to participate in a team sport. The boys and girls Academy teams will be established in the towns and villages so that the children can train without having to travel long distances. The first teams have already been established in September 2020 in the major regional centers.

The training will utilize the latest pedagogical and sports training methods in order to develop the whole person, not just their athletic skills.

The Club managers and coaches will select the most promising players to form select teams of a different age which can participate in national competitions organized by the FFA.

The Club’s objective is to develop these players so that in 4-5 years a significant number of them will be able to join the professional leagues in Armenia and elsewhere. Some of these players will also form the backbone of the Noravank Football professional team and deepen their roots in their community.


The Club will organize Summer Camps with a focus on attracting Diaspora Armenian youth who aspire to develop their skills as they seek a collegiate or professional path in sports. The camp will provide significant benefits to its participants as they will receive coaching and guidance from UEFA licensed coaches of professional teams as well as guest coaches invited from other countries.

In addition to the training, the participants will receive classroom instruction in Armenian language, culture and history. They will also have organized tours to Armenia’s cultural and religious sites in different regions of the country. This multi-faceted immersion in a safe and nurturing atmosphere makes our program unique in developing the participants and significantly enhancing their future opportunities. The Noravank Sports Club will organize its first camps in the summer of 2021.

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